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HANA CompositeProvider (HCPR)

Usage, support and features of the HANA CompositeProvider are discussed. There are two types of Composite Providers(see below), on this page we mainly focus on the new HCPR.

SAP Online Documentation

Composite Provider Types

Analysis / Topics

Guidelines for Error Analysis 

SAP Consulting Notes

Check out if you know all of them:

  • 2271658 Design Considerations for Composite Provider

  • 2800016 BW HCPR - Collective Note for Problems with Queries on HANA CompositeProviders

  • 2084937  A Query Built on a Composite Provider/Multiprovider can't be Set as "Query as InfoProvider"
  • 2047475  COPR: Multiplication of key figures
  • 2118286  COPR/HCPR: High Query Memory Consumption 
  • 2030944  COPR: Intermediate result set too big for CompositeProviders with BW Accelerator
  • 2103032  Long runtime for query on CompositeProvider
  • 2372430  Ambiguous Joins: LISTCUBE may display incorrect values
  • 2094816  HCPR: Input help in mode D: "Only Values in InfoProvider"
  • 1810955  Supported key figures in CompositeProvider
  • 2228967  Understanding Automatic Field Assignment in the BW Composite Provider
  • 1872746  Model cardinality affects query results
  • 2080851  Conversion of MultiProvider to CompositeProvider (program RSO_CONVERT_IPRO_TO_HCPR)
  • 2658275 0REQTSN cannot be used in query which is based on HCPR

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