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When you want to use navigation attributes in queries based on a Hana Composite Provider (HCPR) you need to take into account the following points:

  • Navigation attributes cannot be accessed directly in queries based on ADSOs. Hence, if this is required, you must always create a CompositeProvider (HCPR) on top of the aDSO. There you can activate the required navigation attributes. See 2185212.
  • If you activate navigation attributes on HCPR level, assure that the same navigation attributes are active for all partproviders of type InfoCube and DSO, see HCPR & Navigation Attributes.
  • If left outer joins are used in the HCPR, check also following example: HCPR with Left Outer Join and Navigation Attributes.
  • In contrast to a MultiProvider, the BW system does not allow all kinds of navigation attribute mappings any longer in a HCPR, see Consistent Navigation Attribute Mapping in a HCPR for further details.
  • In case partproviders of a HCPR use NLS, check note 3019063 "NLS Data of InfoCube not displayed in BW Query".
  • If you use a HCPR as a Partprovider(stacked HCPR), review note 2469879 "Nav. Attributes from Stacked HCPR are not available".

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