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 Handle multiple partner roles issue while creating Scheduling Agreement (SA) and PO via LSMW

 This article applies to SAP ECC6.0 and SAP R/3 4.7. Valid for release from 600 to 606.


When creating Scheduling agreement via LSMW IDOC method (Message type - PURSAG_CREATE and Basic Type - PURSAG_CREATE01) you get an error "Mandatory OA , PI partner role missing" if SA is being created with reference to a Contract which has more than one OA or PI partner roles. Same issue occurs if you are creating SA without referring to a contract but vendor in SA has multiple partner functions.


Created on:    12 Jan 2012
Author(s) : Yogesh

Scheduling agreement

Consider a scenario where your organization is upgrading from old SAP version (SAP R/3 4.7) to SAP ECC and as part of data migration activities your are assigned role of migrating open scheduling agreement to new SAP ECC client. Also all your SAs need to be created against contract and these contracts have multiple OA and PI partner roles. So while creating SA you need to pass one of the OA or PI from multiple values avaialble in contract.

To pass OA or PI partner roles (LSMW method - Message type - PURSAG_CREATE and Basic Type - PURSAG_CREATE01) or (BAPI - BAP_SAG_CREATE) has a segment

E1BPMEOUTPARTNER               Partner Information for Outline Agreement


                        PARTN_ROLE                   Partner Function
                        PLANT                              Plant
                        SUBRANGE_TX                Description of Vendor Subrange
                        LANGU                             Language Key
                        LANGU_ISO                     Language according to ISO 639
                        PARTNR                           Reference to other vendor
                        DEF_PARTNR                   Default Partner

Based on description of the field under above segment it is clear that to pass unique OA or PI you need to pass:

# Partner role = BA (for OA) or RS (for PI) against field PARTN_ROLE

# PLANT = Plant number for which you are creating SA against field PLANT

# OA or PI vendor ID against field PARTNR

Once you pass values against these fields as mentioned below we should get unique OA or PI in SA according to values passed but system does not accept partner role values according to above rules as there is a program error and throws error as mandatory role OA,PI missing.To rectify that you need to implement OSS note - 1610959 (link given below)

 Once you implement above OSS note you will able to upload/create SA with OA/PI value passed as mentioned above.

Purchase Order

Similar to SA scenario mentioned above for Purchase order also you get Partner role missing error while using LSMW IDOC method (Message type - PORDCR1 and Basic type - PORDCR101) or BAPI - BAPI_PO_CREATE.

For Purchase order you have below segment for passing unique OA or PI

E1BPEKKOP                      Transfer Structure for Partner Roles in BAPI_PO_CREATE


                                PARTNERDESC                 Language-specific description of partner function
                                LANGU                              Language Key
                                BUSPARTNO                     Number of a Business Partner in Vendor Master Record
                                DELETE_IND                      Deletion Indicator

Here no OSS note needed but following rule needs to be followed for LANGU field;

# You must pass value against LANGU field as described below:

         If passing value as “OA” and “PI” (against PARTNERDESC field) then language key (LANGU field) need to be passed as EN (system will automatically makes it E)

         If passing value as “BA” and “RS” (against PARTNERDESC field) then language key (LANGU field) need to be passed as DE (system will automatically makes it D)

Note: You still have to pass OA or PI vendor ID against BUSPARTNO.