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TREX/BWA Alert Server Down

In case you face issues where the Alert Server doesn't start, or whenever after you update the trex system the Alert Server gets down.

In order to solve this you can try to follow the hints below:

  • Start TREXAdmin tool -> Landscape:Alert -> push button 'Alert Server
    Configuration' -> In the right side of the screen push button 'Set to
    Default' -> Save -> restart the alertserver afterwards.

In case the same persists you can as well

  • remove the alertserver PID lock for all the problem blades and
    restart all alertservers afterwards.

The PID lock for each process is created automatically in


When a process unexpectedly dies it can sometimes happen that the lock
is not properly removed and in consequence the process can't come up
again. Normally happens only when a whole blade goes down though.

 Check to be on the latest TREX/BWA revisions too:

1772547 - TREX 7.00: Revision 51

1790700 - TREX 7.10: Revision 52

1797481 - BWA 7.00: Revision 65

1801249 - BWA 7.20: Revision 25

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