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RSTT trace is the necessary information to analyze the Integrated Planning issue(See KBA 1904455, 1904955 and 2045393). However, some customers don’t realize the importance, or cannot provide the useful trace for the issue, which delay the issue solving process. If this job needs to be done by SAP AGS support processor, sometimes we have to get the trace permission and more connections than R/3 support connection, e.g. BW GUI/RFC connection and/or HTTP connections. Additionally, the given userid to analyze the issue needs to assign suitable authorization and role to replicate the same issue as the end user, which takes more time and effort to confirm between customer and SAP relevant experts. This article will show how to provide a useful RSTT trace for Integrated Planning issue with an example.

Activate RSTT trace in AO(Analysis Office)

Generally there are two methods:

  1. T-code RSTT in BW system:

  2. Activate the trace setting in AO directly:

After the switch is on, when opening the query or refreshing the workbook, we can see the following trace information to confirm the following steps start to be record:

Record and confirm every action is record at runtime

  1. After refresh the workbook, the workbook components will be recorded for further action. For planning objects, there are planning function and planning sequence. You may directly check this trace ID:

    -   BICS_CONS_CREATE_PLANNING_FUNC for planning function
    -   BICS_CONS_CREATE_PLANNING_SEQU for planning sequence

    See above and confirm the planning object definition is record.

  2.  In the test workbook, there are two buttons:

    If we click both buttons one by one, the system will record the two planning object runtime information:
    -   BICS_CONS_EXECUTE_PLANNING_FUN for planning function
    -   BICS_CONS_EXECUTE_PLANNING_SEQ for planning sequence

    Attention: Please make sure every performed action is necessary to make sure the trace does not contain too much useless information.

  3. After all of the necessary steps are record, close the workbook to finish the record. Then you will see the trace information:

    This trace is a useful one containing both planning object definition and runtime information.


SAP KBA 1906657 - Analysis Office Message Checklist

SAP KBA 2078251 - RSTT Trace to Analyze BW Integrated Planning Issue