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1) In Source System, go to SE11 and create your own view, or use the standard view.  Then go to RSO2 to create datasource.

2) Specify the name of the datasource in the field of RSO2 and hit Create.

3) Give the Application component and description.

4) In View/Table field field specify the ZView name.

5) Then click Save.

6) It will take you to the extract structure screen.

7) If you want to hide/select any of the field you can do that here, otherwise press enter.

8) Change the package of the datasource and specify the transport request number to it.

9) Test the extractor in RSA3.

10) Replicate in BW and map that to InfoSource.

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  1. Unknown User (cuhra6c)

    This article needs to be fleshed out to be useful. Let's take step one for example. SE11 is not explained. View is not explained. How to create a view is not explained. When creating the View you have to select the View type, and this is not explained. After confirming the View type the user brought to the Maintain View page, this is not explained. You also have to assign a package. Again not explained.  

  2. Former Member

    Disagree with above comment. I found this very useful.  If you need help creating a view in SE11 look that up, it's a different procedure (also is a simple step, covered in BC400, intro to ABAP programming)