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BEx Web Application Designer enables you to create a BEx Web application (an HTML page with BI contents) quickly and easily.

To create a new Web template , you have the following options:

1. In the menu in Web Application Designer, choose Web Template → New. A dialog box appears. Choose Blank Web Template.

     • Choose Create New Blank Web Template in the upper area to the right in the initial Web Application Designer view. • In the Web Application Designer tool bar, choose  with the quick info text New.

2. Set the data binding/selection for the data provider

The data for your Web items is provided by data providers that you create in Web Application Designer. You can assign a data provider to multiple Web items. The data provider concept makes it possible to change the data source of a Web item easily. If a particular data provider is assigned to more than one Web item, any changes made affect all the assigned Web items. Due to navigation (changing the drilldown), the Web item always displays the current drilldown data.

3. Add a Web item

The Web items in the Web Items screen area are used as templates. By dragging a Web item into your Web template, you create an actual version of the Web item; this is called an object. The Web item has a name and certain other default parameters that you can change as required

4. Specifying the properties of the Web item In the Properties screen area, choose the General tab page to make or change the assignment of a data provider for the corresponding Web item

5. Adding additional Web items

6. Saving and executing the Web template

  To save your Web template, choose Web Template → Save in the Web Application Designer menu bar. 2. Choose Web Template → Execute to view your Web application in the browser (portal).

You have to save the Web template before executing it in the Web browser. Therefore, when you execute the template, you are asked to save it if you have not already done so.

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    Above link also valid for NW 7.30/731/7.40.

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