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Applies to:
SAP PI All versions.


How to get a list of PI Objects . Directory and Repository.


Created on:    12/26/2012
Author(s) Bio

SAP PI Consultant.


Sometimes we need to get information about our PI Objects (e.g Message Mapping,Interface, CC, Services,Scenarios etc) for documentation or find an issue. We can create a Java program and through web services we can get the results.

How to.

However exist a simple report to get the data more easily.

Please go to write the below links, only put first your host and port.
Link: "Host:Port"/rep/support/SimpleQuery --(Repository)
Link: "Host:Port"/dir/support/SimpleQuery --(Directory)
For this thime I'll show about configuration objects.

Then you can filter and define some conditions for your filter , in the example I want an specific CC with some properties.

I hope this will be helpful to you.