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This article will help us in resolving issues that occurs during the creation of Segmentation DataSource/Attribute list based on SAP BW Query where the attributes description do not appear making it difficult to go over the technical names of each query element. We talk about a work around solution for the same.

Author(s):  Lavanya Samudrala

Company:     Infosys Technologies Ltd
Created on:  25th March 2011
Author(s) Bio

Working as BI Developer with Infosys Technologies Ltd. Skill set includes SAP Business Intelligence with ABAP.

Table of Contents


Business Scenario



Step By Step Procedure

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In this article we will discuss on how to resolve the issue where the attribute list displays only attribute technical names and not the description in segment builder and F4 Help when using the ‘Maintain Data Sources for Segment Builder’ in CRM with BW query. Here we will discuss this using a simple scenario.

Business Scenario

There is requirement to build a segmentation builder attribute list in CRM WEBUI for business to choose their choice of attributes for filtering & query purpose.


  • While using the transaction code CRMD_MKTDS to Maintain Data Sources for Segment Builder, we need to map the Business partner mandatory field to that of the corresponding Customer number or partner number of BW query to fetch the relevant records for output. In this process, as the BW query has lot of characteristics, while we use F4 Help on Business partner field it pops-up the list of attributes/characteristics which appear with technical names. The issue here is to make the descriptions appear along with technical names.
  • The attribute list would be available in WEBUI where business users would be choosing the KPIs or characteristics required by description instead of technical names.


To resolve the above discussed issues, we figured out a common solution by avoiding the use of mandatory variables in the BW Query being used for segmentation purpose.

Illustration of the solution in step-by-step procedure with simple example.

Step By Step Procedure

Consider a sample BW query which has a mandatory variable Program Year as shown below.

A segmentation data source is built on the above BW Query using the transaction code CRMD_MKTDS.

As you see below the BW query is mapped to a segmentation object Business Partner.

In order to map Business partner of SAP CRM to corresponding BW characteristic which references to BP like Sold-to-party, Ship-to-party or Customer# in BW, we choose F4 help on BP field and try to assign the BW characteristic here.  As you see technical names are displayed but the corresponding descriptions don’t appear which makes it difficult to map the right BP.

Another issue on similar lines was found with respect to Creation of Attribute list is given below.

While creating attribute list, the characteristics/KPI’s of the BW query are displayed with technical names which makes it difficult to choose for reporting in segmentation buidler.

In order to resolve this issue we need to make sure that variables are not mandatory in the query.

Now the variable is replaced with an optional variable.

After changing the query accordingly, we see the below results.

In Segmentation Data source builder both technical names and descriptions are visible now.

Like wise the Segmentation Attribute list with descriptions for corresponding BI characteristics are visible now as shown below.






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