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In case you have an issue in the Java WEB regarding a BW report or in case you are configuring a BW connection to your Enterprise Portal, it is recommended to following the information below so as to ensure that the portal and BW connectivity is correct.

To ensure that the BI Java is configured correctly and completely, please do the following:

1. Always use the CTC Template for BI Java for configuration (check SAP NetWeaver 2004s Masterguide available at for details). Manual configuration    or configuration via report RSPOR_SETUP should not be done for SAP  NetWeaver 2004s.

2. To ensure a smooth configuration process, make sure that you have  deployed the very latest patch from SAP Service Marketplace at for CTC Template for BI Java.

3. To avoid encountering already known issues within the area of BI Java itself, make sure to deploy the latest patches for SCAs  BI-BASE-S and BIWEBAPP.  For more information refer to note 1163789  and BI Java Patch Delivery Process as of SPS 14

4. Read note 983156 ('BI configuration w. Template Installer') and  make sure the necessary prerequisites are given on the ABAP side.

5. After running the CTC Template for BI Java, run SAP NetWeaver BI  Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool as described in the latest version of  note 937697 to verify your installation. In the "Advanced mode" of the tool, go to the "Configuration checks" tab and check for potential red traffic lights. To resolve the issues shown there, check the  "Remedy" column and follow the instructions given there.

6. The overall process is described in more detail in note 917950 ('SAP NetWeaver 2004s: Setting up BEx Web'). Make sure to go through the note and also have a look at the document attached to that note, showing the overall process in a set of slides with screenshots. 

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