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BW InfoObjects modeled by CDS Views

Similar to BW, InfoObject in CDS could be:

  • Key figures / measures
    Fields defined with annotation @DefaultAggregation: #SUM,  #MIN or #MAX  or @Aggregation.default: #SUM,  #MIN,  #MAX or #NOP,.
    Usually they are directly defined in a "@Analytics.dataCategory: #CUBE" CDS views.
    If it is defined in a "@Analytics.dataCategory: #DIMENSION" CDS views, it is a key figure attribute of the InfoObject.
    By using @Aggregation.default: #NOP, key figure can have default aggregation NO2.
  • Characteristics:
    All other fields, either without any @DefaultAggregation/@Aggregation.default annotation, or with @DefaultAggregation:#NONE. 
    If the data type of the field is a key figure type, such as CURR, QUAN, DEC, FLTP..., it is not supported for a characteristic. In this case, the field is simply ignored before Note 2771186. After this note, the field gets a default NO2 aggregation and becomes a NO2 key figure.
    Long timestamp (data type TIMESTAMPL) field is not supported. The field is ignored. (Note 2737769)

SAP Online Documentation

DefaultAggregation Annotations



Key Figures

  • Only support DefaultAggregation: SUM, MIN, MAX, NOP. 
  • To use other aggregation such as AVG, please use formula exception aggregation in a CDS query.
  • Semantics needs to be defined for amount or quantity key figures
  • In a CDS query, key figure can't be used in CASE statement when clause as a condition. Because filtering on a key figure is not supported in Analytic Engine.  Please use a formula with IF clause instead.


Default Aggregation in CDS

Simple CDS Query with Exception Aggregation AVG

Amount and Quantity Key Figures



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