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Infocube conversion refers to the process of converting a traditional cube into a HANA flat cube. Additional information about the conversion can be found in the documentation.


Troubleshooting - Transaction SLG1

 Any output that the conversion created can be access via the application log. The relevant entries can be selected by using the selection criteria object = RSDRI, subobject = REFACTORING.



Depending on the type of error, it might be necessary to retrieve corresponding entries in the HANA trace files. A convenient way to do so is to use the "Merge file contents" functionality that is provided for example via HANA studio. Further details on this can be found in the HANA documentation here.


Troubleshooting - Table RSDRI_HDB_CNV

The state of the conversion and the place where it might be stuck at the moment is logged in table RSDRI_HDB_CNV. An entry for a failed conversion might look like this:




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