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Program RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE is used for checks and to regenerate InfoObjects in the case of technical incompleteness or inconsistency of metadata without creating a transport. It can also be used to mass activate InfoObjects.


The customer can also use this tool on his own responsibility. Proceed as follows:
Select InfoObject
 InfoObject type %
Type of InfoObject, the following types are supported:
 Characteristics (CHA)
 Key figures (KYF)
 Time Characteristics (TIM)
 Units (UNI)
Expert Mode
In the expert mode the processing lock can be swithed off, however it is not suggested to use

InfoObject Tables

RSDIOBJ Directory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJT               Texts of InfoObjects
RSDIOBJ                     Directory of all InfoObjects
RSDIOBJT              Texts of InfoObjects
RSDATRNAV         Navigation Attributes
RSDATRNAVT       Navigation Attributes


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Notes describing and correcting program RSDG_IOBJ_ACTIVATE are below:

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