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The below mentioned steps will let you know how to find the underlying tables of a Info-provider and their details . 

1. Go to tcode - RSRV.

2. Navigate to Tests In Transaction RSRV ->All Elementary Tests -> DataBase -> Database Information about InfoProviderTables .  Double click on it .

3. Double click on the "Database Information about InfoProvider Tables". In the pop-up window Enter the Infoprovider name .

4. Click on Transfer .

5. Drill Down To Database Information about InfoProvider0TCT_C01 tables -> Parameters -> <InfoProvider name>

6. Select the Infoprovider and click on 'Execute'.

7. You will get a Log screen . Select the Database information about InfoProvider <InfoProvider name> tables .

a> It will give you the details of the underlying InfoProvider tables .

[How may entries are there in each of the tables and how much space they have consumed]

8. You can further drill down more details about the table contents .