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In case you need to open a SAP Support Incident please provide the following information (see note 1879725)


  • technical name of downsized query and variable variant saved in RSRT
  • with which factor has the query result to be multiplied to get the result set of the original query?
  • Please fill in the following numbers:
    • DBTRANS:
    • SP_REC:
    • FE_CELLS:
    • VF_G:
    • C_SP:
    • abap/heap_area_dia:
    • ztta/roll_extension:
  • Is there a number which is unexpected high?
  • How much memory does this query allocate when executed in RSRT (in total, HTML mode)? How much memory does the OLAP engine need?
  • Which frontend do the users use to run the query?
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