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The User settings dialog box can be opened through the Input help dialog box by clicking on "Settings" options.

User Settings Dialog have three Tabs:
1)General Display.
2)Value Restrictions.
3)Value Help Dialog.

Refer to below link for Details on Tabs General Display and Value Help Dialog.

Here we will discuss about Value Restrictions tab:

The number of filter values displayed in the select filter value dialog in the left-hand is set to 100 values by default. The number of the values displayed can be changed
in two ways:

1) In the selector window, click on the settings and in the value restrictins tab, you can change the value of Maximum Number of Values Displayed to the desired value. And if you wanted to save this setting for a particular user , select the option Always Use These Settings.
This will make the settings as user specific and info-object specific.

2) The above saved value will also be saved in the database table RSVHSUSERSETA in BW system.This value will be saved in Tables ONLY if 'always Use These Setting' is selected.This table will store the setting on base of User and the Info-object.
The value is saved per infobject per user.

Other Tables are :
RSVHSUSERSETA Value help services user setting A segment
RSVHSUSERSETB1 Value help services user settings List of display Attributes
RSVHSUSERSETB2 Value help services user List of Favourites and History
RSVHSVALUESET Value help services user setting A segment
RSVHSVALUESETTXT Text table for Value help services personal value sets

Modification to the Above table is not recommended and will not be supported by SAP.


If you press F4 to see info-object values, it takes to Select filter value screen. This is often called selector screen

Next click on the settings , which takes you to User settings dialog , there you can see the currently value set for your user.

Now in BW system , Execute Transaction SE16 for Table RSVHSUSERSETA.
Enter the user name in SELUSER field and info-object name in IOBJNM field, you can see the
the value in MAX_ROWS field. the value 2 which we saved in select filter dialog is saved in MAX_ROWS field.

There is no Function module or program which can modify or customize this setting for group of user. This has to be done manuall in this table at your own risk