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When experiencing any issue with BI Java runtime, the below steps can help you isolating and solving that:

  • Ensure that all the integration steps are well performed as per SAP Note 917950. It is possible to check them using the supportdesk tool as per SAP Note 937697.
  • Try to reproduce the issue in transaction RSRT2 using the query technical name. In case the issue is with a web template, get the query which is the main data provider for that template to test.
  • Use button "Java Web" in transaction RSRT and add the parameter &TEMPLATE=0ANALYSIS_PATTERN. Check if the issue is reproducible on this way. If not, the issue is due to the web template definition or the default web template which is defined in transaction RSCUSTV27.
  • Record an HTTP trace and look at the URLs, looking for changes in domain, ports, etc. Record and RSTT trace by adding the parameter &TRACE=X to the URL (Java Web button or Query Designer).

 BI Java Export Services - BW-BEX-ET-WJR-EXP

In case the points above do not help and you need to open a ticket to SAP Support, please provide the list below:

  • HTTP Watch trace as per above. You can use the free version available at
  • file as per SAP Note 937697
  • HTTP and R/3 connections to the affected system
  • Query/web template technical name

BW-BEX-ET-WJR        BEx Web Java Runtime

Backend system : ???     ABAP stack level: ???
Portal system  : ???     Java Patch level: ???
System connections:
R/3 is open and working: ???
HTTP is open and working: ???
RFC is open and working: ???
Username/Password in the secure area for all systems: ???
2. SUPPORT DESK TOOL (should always try with the latest version, but
notice that in BW 730 no deployment of the tool is required)

Follow steps as described in note 937697 - do not forget step 14
for reproducing the error!

Support Desk Tool Attached:
Support Desk Tool Green:    (refer note 1177154)

3.1 Mandatory:
Query/Template/iView name : ???
Step by step description : ???
Note search: ???

3.2 Optional:
Reproducible in RSRT?
RSTT trace
HTTP trace (preferable HTTP Watch)
Additional info: ???
Screenshots/recording attached if applicable: ???
Call stack in case of exception