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  • Job Prefixes in SAP BW
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List of Job Prefixes in SAP BI/BW:

BI_BTCH Data Request
BI_PROCESS_ Job Chains
BIREQU_ Extraction in Source System (Flatfile, DM, BAPI à Job runs in BW)
BI_PSAD Deletion from PSA
BI_ODSA Activation of ODS Data
BI_EVEN Event Collector
BI_INDEX Creation of Index
BI_HIER Hierachie Post Processing
BI_STAT Calculation of Statistics for InfoCube
BI_NEW_ Rebuild of InfoCube
BI_COMP Compress of InfoCube
BI_STOR Removal of Request
BI_SAGR Initial Fill of Aggregate
BI_STRU Change Run
BI_REQD Pre-Process checks if request needs to be deleted
BI_BOOK Data Upload from PSA to InfoCube
BI_DELR Deletion of Request out of InfoCube
RA Reporting Agent Packages