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In this page we discuss the aggregations NOP, NO1 and NO2:

  • NO1: No Aggregation (X, If More Than One Record Occurs)
  • NO2: No Aggregation (X, If More Than One Value Occurs)
  • NOP: No Aggregation (X, If More Than One Value Uneq. to 0 Occurs)

In RSD1, you can define for a key figure the aggregation N02 and the exception aggregations NO1, NO2 and NOP:


The exceptions aggregations NOP, NO1 and NO2 can also be defined for formulas in the QueryDesigner. In order to better understand how these special kinds of aggregation work, we take a look at a query which uses these exception aggregations regarding characteristic 0CALMONTH:

In the following we are going to focus on N02 when it is used as Aggregation(NOT exception aggregation) for a key figure.

Important to know
  • Only aggregation NO2 is allowed for basis key figures
  • In the past it was also possible to define a key figure with aggregation NOP(normally only used internally, see note 785825). So, it might be that there are 'old' key figures which are still used on your system with aggregation NOP.
  • In InfoCubes these key figures(NOP or NO2) are not clearly defined since e.g. query results depend on whether compression was already done or not.
    • You create a new InfoCube: If you want to add such a key figure to an InfoCube(on a current BW system), you get a corresponding error message(see note 772424). So, it is not possible any longer to use such key figures in InfoCubes.
    • You have an old InfoCube with NO2/NOP key figures:
      • Compression is not possible any longer, see note 2412837 (DBMAN 378).
      • When queries are generated, the system issues the warning BRAIN156 'Key figure XY cannot be processed consistently in InfoProvider ...'
  • NO2 key figure can be used in the following InfoProviders 
    • DSO of type 'Direct Update'
    • ADSO of type 'Direct Update & 'Planning Mode'
  • If it is required to use such NO2(NOP) key figures in BEX queries, it is recommended to store them in a separate DSO and define a suitable MultiProvider/CompositeProvider(see note 785825)
  • Transaction LISTCUBE does not handle key figures with aggregation NOP and NO2 correctly. In case of NOP aggregation, no database aggregation is done (all records are displayed) at all. In case of NO2 aggregation, the minimal and maximal values are displayed in two corresponding key figures. See examples below.

SAP Online Documentation

Key Figure: Tab Page Aggregation


Cube with NOP Key Figure

ADSO with NO2 Key Figure 

SAP Consulting Notes

  • 2412837 InfoCube compression does not work (DBMAN378)
  • 2381441 No InfoCube compression for key figures with NOP/NO1/NO2 aggregation
  • 2368087 SQL error 195
  • 772424  Key figures with NOP-aggregation (InfoCubes, MultiProvider)
  • 785825  Various problems with key figures with the NOP aggregation


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  1. Hi Peter,

    Firt of all wonderful write up. 

    I have a standard cube which has NOP aggregation KPI's. Now when I am trying to convert the Exception aggregation cubes of NOP to HANA optimized I am getting few warning messages. Can I I ignore those errors and goahead with conversion or any other precautions to be taken care.




  2. Hi SaiMukesh,

    sorry for the delay in replying to you. As explained, a NOP/NO2 key figure should actually not be used in a cube (since e.g. compression is not supported any longer). This is also valid for Hana optimized cubes. So, I expect that the warnings refer to this general problem, right?

    best regards, Peter