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This page describes solutions to all issues known to SAP which are connected to SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office.



1 - Issues while editing

1.1 - In Design Panel the windows width of Rows and Background Filter are not maximized

  • It look likes following: 


  • Open the Windows Control Panel.
  • Navigate: Appearance and Personalization > Display.
  • Set the Display DPI setting to 100% as explained in note 1719862 or apply 2272830

2 - Issues with the connection

2.1 - Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

  • The error occurs while selecting a Data Source:
    • Start Analysis Office.
    • Navigate: Insert DataSource > Select Data Source > Skip BI Plattorm > Error occurs before "Select Data Source" dialog occurs.
  • You are using SAP GUI 740 and parameter LandscapeFormatEnabled is set to 1 (see note 2220271) thus centralized SAPUILandscape.xml file is used.
    • If you change parameter LandscapeFormatEnabled to 0 (SAPUILandscape.xml file is not used) the issue does not occur.


  • AO 2.2 SP3

2.2. AO Launcher does not use SAP Router Information

  • You want to start a query/workbook using Tx RAAOE.
  • This fails as the launcher file does not contain the SAP Router information.

Please note:

  • At the moment there is no way to retrieve the SAP Router information from the BW server to embed it into lauchner data.


  • Please set following AO parameter to read local saplogon file as explained in the Administrator’s Guide
    • <ForceRefreshConnectionInfo value="True" />

2.3 - SAPUILandscape.xml / error: Object reference is not an instance of an object

  • You are using SAP GUI740 with centralized SAPUILandscape.xml file.

  • In AO pressing button 'Insert Data Source' fails with error "obejct reference not set to an instance of an object".

  • The AO trace log files contains line "...INFO|Trace.AoPlugin|?.?|VSTA_Main|Registry key not found: Software\Wow6432Node\SAP\SAPLogon\Options\#"


  • Set registry parameter LandscapeFormatEnabled to value 1 to use SAPUILandscape.xml file: 
    • see relevant notes / wikipage: 
  • Update SAP GUI 740 patch:
  • In case issue remains please check entry UseSapUILandscapeComApi in %ProgramData%\SAP\Cof\Ao_app.config file. 

 2.4 - Connect to Netweaver system fails in case shared SNC for multiple users is used

  • With AO you logon to Netweaver server.
  • The folowing error is displayed:
    • Single Sign On failed. Log on manually Could not log on to system.
      Check logon data and try again


    • Read KBA 2344431 to understand that is a limitation that shared SNC for multiple users is not supported in AO.

3 - Issues with opening/saving

3.1 - Saving AO workbook to Netweaver fails with error RSAO_BICS_SAVE

  • Saving a workbook to Netweaver plattform fails with this error like:
    • Metadata for function RSAO_BICS_SAVE not available
    • RSAO_BICS_SAVE not found
  • The AO trace  contains error:
    • metadata for function RSAO_BICS_SESSION_INITIALIZE not available: FU_NOT_FOUND: Function module RSAO_BICS_SESSION_INITIALIZE does not exist 


  • Starting with BW701 SP11 you can save AO workbooks to SAP NetWeaver Platform.
  • Please check the prerequisites with reviewing KBA 1897720.


  • Upgrade BW Version / Support Package Level as mentioned in KBA 1897720.


3.2 - Opening any workbook from BIP ends with a message pop up "The launcher is exited with error ..." 

  • You start a workbook from BI Plattform. The workbook is not opened in Analysis Office.
  • A message pop up occurs: "The launcher is exited with error, see log file for more details. Addin returned an error. Check logfile of the addin!"
  • The AO trace file contains error "Error checking BOE system". 


  • The in CMC maintained  Web Service URL seems wrong.

Additional Information:

  • When you click on a AO report in BIP then you are opening ".sapaox" file which is just the launcher file that contains parameters to connect to BI platform.
  • It opens the physical workbook from BIP in Analysis for Office. For opening the Web Service URL is used.


  • Check that the server configuration matchs the recommendation mentioned in note 2169593:  
  • In recorded AO trace find the Web Service URL > search for "WSURL"
  • This is the URL that AO will try to access when opening workbooks from BI Platform.
  • Check this URL, if it is wrong then update the correct URL in CMC > Applications > Web Service > Properties > Access URL
  • If the URL is correct and issue remains, please take a screenshot and attach it to this incident.


3.3 - You cannot save AO workbooks, error message: System is set to not changeable; objects cannot be changed

  • You cannot save AO workbooks.
  • The error message "System is set to not changeable; objects cannot be changed" is shown. 
  • The Netweaver System is set to not changeable (Tx SCC4). 


  • Follow KBA 2254209 to change the object changeability for Analysis for Office objects AAOE and AAOP in Tx RSOR.


3.4 - Inserting a data source from BI platform fails with error message: Index was outside the bounds of the array

  • The log file of Analysis for Office contains:

    • Critical: General .NET Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array.


  • Follow KBA 2112323 to remove/fix the corrupt connection in BI platform.

3.5 - Opening a converted BEx workbook in Excel 64 bit fails with "Compile Error"

  • A BEx workbook is converted in Analysis for Office.
  • The converted workbook is opened in Excel 64 Bit, Macro enabled.
    (It is not necessary to have AO installed on the machine.)
  • It occurs the compile error:
    • The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit systems. Please review and update Declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute.


  • Follow solution mentioned in KBA 2378937 to fix that. 


4 - Issues with DataSources

4.1 - Texts/Descriptions from Structure Elements are not shown

  • In a query you have maintained a text/description for a structure element / calculated keyfigure (CKF) but in runtime the text "Selection <n>" (n = Number) is displayed.
  • It can happens sporadically.
  • It can happens after inserting multiple datasources into one sheet.


  • Implement following notes:
    • 1965051 - BW query texts are not correctly displayed 
    • 2051652 - Some characteristic texts are not displayed after query execution
    • 1824688 - Variable or structure member texts are not displayed


5 - Issues with Integrated Planning

5.1 - Exception condition UNKNOWN_IOBJ triggered

  • The error occurs while transfering planning data:
    • You have changed planning data and press button "Recalculate" (for instances).
  • In backend  in Tx ST22 you can find the error "Exception condition "UNKNOWN_IOBJ" triggered / BW-BEX-OT".
  • The planning query contains at least one navigational attribute.
  • The planning query works fine in backend in Tx RSRT.


5.2 - Save Button from AO Ribbon is not active  

Understand the design:

  • You execute a planning function or a planning sequence in AO design panel component tab. Afterwards the SAVE button does not switch to active.

  • This works as designed. Please note that actions in the component tab are not supposed to affect AO ribbon elements.

  • You need to perform some action on the sheet in order to provide the information that new data is available to the ribbon.

  • This can be done the following ways:

    1. Refresh the workbook after executing the planning sequences 

    2. Add a query as dataprovider to the workbook and then execute the planning sequence. 

    3. Click somewhere in the sheet. This would update all ribbon elements. 

    4. Use the VBA API for triggering the planning sequence via button.

5.3 - Hierarchy Variables in Planning

  • In a planning function or planning sequence you have a hierarchy variable.

  • You edit the value of this variable, execute the planning function / sequence and afterwards the value of the hierarchy variable is empty.

  • The value of the hierarchy variable may also disappear when saving the workbook.


5.4 - Understand the Planning Buffer behavior while reprocessing prompt screen 

  • A query/workbook is executed with a variable selection A.
  • Data A is entered into inputready keyfigure cells.
  • The prompt screen is recalled, a variable selection B is applied.
  • Data B is entered into inputready keyfigure cells.
  • The planning buffer contains DATA "A" and "B".

Understand the design:

  • Read KBA 2378505 to understand this correct behavior explained with an example.

5.5 - Using SAP API SAPSetPlanParameter fails / retuns 0

  • With this API method you can define variable values for input-ready variables of planning objects.
  • It does not work in case "Cell" is mantianed as source reference.


  • Change the source reference from from "Cell" to "Members" as explained detailed in KBA 2350675.

5.6 - Understand the Return Value of Planning Function or Planning Sequence

  • A Planning Function/Sequence is executed with API.

  • Example: Application.Run("SAPExecutePlanningFunction", "PF_1").

  • Even the Planning Function/Sequence is ended with errors (for example, RSPLF-xxx), the return Value is still 1 (execution successful).

Understand the design:


  • "Execution successful" in this context means that there has been no technical issue with the execution itself which indeed is independent from any other issues the logic might cause or run into.

  • So even the Planning Function/Sequence has errors, it has been successful triggered by AO, the Return Value should be set as 1(execution successful).


  • Read KBA 1942970 to find information how to enhance VBA code to readout Planning Function/Sequence errors.



6 - Issues with Performance

7 - Issues with Filter by Member Dialog

7.1 - Cannot paste text values from clipboard

  • When paste a list of text values from clipboard warning "No members were pasted. The following X members could not be pasted as keys" appears.


  • Starting from AO 2.x paste text values is not possible. Key values should be used instead.

7.2 - Compounded characteristic key is not displayed as expected

  • The key display for a compounded characteristic does not match your expectation.


  •  Read KBA 2384061 to understand when the compounded or non compounded key is displayed.

7.3 - When filtering a hierarchy it is not possible to search on attributes

  • When using the Filter by Member functionality in a hierarchy, it is not possible to search on attributes.


  •  Use flat-presentation instead of hierarchy view. See KBA 2634599 

8 - Issues with Sheet design & format


8.1 - Date format in AO

Understand the design: 

  • Members and keyfigures showing dates are displayed using the same format.
  • If the data source is provided by an ABAP backend then date format setting is taken from backend: Tx SU01 TAB Defaults.
    • To change the displayed format you can select one of the available formats for date format display.
  • When having several data sources all dates are formatted uniformly.
    • The used format is determined by the first data source.
    • If the first data source is provided by an ABAP backend the date format of the server  is used.
    • If the first data source is provided by a HANA backend the local settings of the client are used.
  • See note 1781876 - Key figure dates are displayed in a wrong format
  • Starting from AO 2.5 SP02:
    a new configuration setting can be applied in order to to render date, date time and time span values as native MS Excel 'Date' and 'Time' values.
    For this 'EnableNativeFormatting' parameter should be set to True in config files. See note 2482546 for details.

9 - Issues with configuration of AO 

9.1 - How to maintain settings for Analysis Office 2.x

  • You want to maintain registry settings for Analysis Office 2.x in a client PC.

  • Settings are handled differently in Analysis Office 2.x comparing with in Analysis Office 1.x.


  • Read KBA 2083067 to understand how AO settings needs to be maintained.




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