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Business Intelligence is a term commonly associated with data warehousing. So, exactly what is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence usually refers to the information that is available for the enterprise to make decisions on. A data warehousing system is the backend for achieving Business Intelligence. There are various tools used to implement Business Intelligence solution.

Business Intelligence questions are related to why, when, what and how the information can be tuned to provide the solution. Business Intelligence applications are based in BI models, which inturn are based on multidimensional analysis attained through OLAP analysis which is performed through OLAP tools geared towards slicing and dicing of data and Key Performance Indicators(KPI). KPI are the mission critical ,strictly adhering to the goals and measurable factors related to the success of the project or the comapny depending on the context of the definition of the KPIs. Business Intelligence is a technology that ensures availability of the information in the right form based on customer and profit oriented models that reduces operating cost and provide increased profitability by improving productivity, sales, service and helps to make decision making capabilities at no time. Availability of the right information in correct form like reports, bar charts, score cards helps in making sound strategic decisions promoting an Organisation's growth.

Business Intelligence require more of analytical ability as gathering the requirements correctly enable in formulating the right solution and implementing the solution by sound technical Knowledge lead to meeting up of the requirement.


Learn about SAP NetWeaver BI and how to get certified.
Note: this section will not give you the precise questions and answers used for the certification exams.

Getting started

For a good introduction to the basics of the general data warehouse theory, you may refer to this Data Warehouse Webtrainer.

The ETL process page explains some terms related to the Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data in the data warehouse.

For a quick startup, see this SAP Business Warehouse Tutorial. Though based on an old release of BW, the provided step-by-step screen recordings are useful if you prefer a hands-on approach.

SAP Business Intelligence Capabilities in SAP NetWeaver 2004s

Self-learning BI

Interview Q & A  [Links to forum threads discussing it, and example questions and answers]

Here is a step-by-step guide to the LO Cockpit Extraction - LO Cockpit Step By Step

FOX formula - explanations and examples [add examples/explanations/screenshots/links here for fox coding if it is not well explained in help documentation]

SAP Education partner's in INDIA 

Following information guide you about authorized SAP Education provider apart from SAP in INDIA.

 SAP Education partner's in INDIA

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