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Many experts have already posted articles and blogs about SAP NetWeaver BI on the SDN and other online magazines. Find here a collection of some of the most interesting.Important Tables in SAP BW

 BI 7:

SAP Network Blog: BI 7.0 -Initial Hurdles


LOGISTIC COCKPIT DELTA MECHANISM - Episode one: V3 Update, the 'serializer'

LOGISTIC COCKPIT DELTA MECHANISM - Episode two: V3 Update, when some problems can occur...

LOGISTIC COCKPIT DELTA MECHANISM - Episode three: the new update methods

LOGISTIC COCKPIT - WHEN YOU NEED MORE - First option: enhance it !

ONE STOP SHOP - For All Your LO Cockpit Needs

Performance Tuning

A very good PDF on How to handle Non-Cumulatives Key Figures.

Very helpful link with info about some new tools to NW2004s BI

That Link show some significant configurations for Customer that has problems with BW performance.Best Practice for Solution Management

SAP Tables for R/3

SAP BI 7.0 Help on PDF

Nice Explanation on creating Virtual key Figures

Details on CRM IR (Interactice Reporting)


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    Migration of BI Modeling to 3.x to BI 7.x - really Very good document for beginner or intermediate for migrating standard modeling to 3.x to bi 7.x

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    Feature List SAP NW BW 7.3 - New Features of the EHP 3

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    Hi, check out my SAP BI Blog

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