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  • List of OSS Notes for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Query Performance
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Increase query performance  through Information Broadcasting of key queries by filling  the OLAP cache or the MDX cache. In case of large number of users accessing a query or have query that access high volume of data.

Note 1026944 - New Cache mode for BI 7.0 without directory

Note 1105139 - Filling the OLAP cache with "contains pattern" in BI 7.0

Note 1115731 - Fill MDX cache: "Portal theme & 1 does not fit output format


Note 1101187 - The OLAP Tunnel

Note 1117348 - Subsequent correction to Note 1101187 (OLAP Tunnel)

Note 1144702 - Memory release additional corrections to Note 1101187

Note 989793 - Deactivating the read statistics for OLAP Cache BI 7.0

Note 859456 - Increasing performance using the cache

Note 1114164 - Termination in the cache due to insufficient shared memory

Note 1093755 - Statistics counter of OLAP cache not increased

The lock table is a table in the main memory of the enqueue server that records the current locks in the system.

Note 1090847 - RSR_CACHE: Wait time too long during locking for main memory

Note 1107434 - OLAP cache consultation: Long wait times due to locks

Increase query performance by making sure that queries are regenerated in production using RSRT after changes to statistics, consistency changes, or aggregates.

Note 1022589 - The query settings  RSRT - Query Mass Maintenance

Note 1136163 - The query settings in RSRT - Attributes

Improve SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence reporting performance using statistical content. Important SAP Notes related to statistical content set up guide for configuring the SAP NetWeaver BI Administration Cockpit and guide for activating technical content.

Note 834280 - Installing technical BI Content after upgrade

Note 965386 - Activating the technical content for the BI Admin Cockpit

Note 934848 - Collective Note : (FAQ) BI Administration Cockpit

Improve SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI Query Performance

Note 1025307 - Composite Note for NW2004s performance: Reporting

Note 990399 - Performance problems when documents are used in web reports

Note 764394 - Guide for performance improvement of Web Applications

Note 1090514 - Improving Performance of queries with two structures & Hier

Note 1024554 - Improving Performance in queries in SAPLRSEC_CHECKS

Note 1113195 - Improving Performance when there are several data providers

Note 1083175 - IP - Preliminary analysis of performance problems

Note 1056259 - Collective Note - Performance of BI Planning

Note 1089831 - Enterprise search: Performance when searching for queries

Note 1145255 - Query Performance Check corrections - Hotfix SP5 - Part 1 

Analyse performance of BI queries and templates in the BI Java Runtime

Note 1048691 - NW 7.0 BI Web Applications: Performance Problem Analysis

Note 1061240 - Slow web browser due to JavaScript virus scan

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