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  • List of useful BW Accelerator Programs
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Applies to:

To BW7.0 which has BW Accelerator connected.


This gives useful programs of BW Accelerator

Author:  Vikram Srivastava

Company:   Infosys Technologies Limited  
Created on:    28.12.2009
Author(s) Bio

Vikram Srivastava is working as Technology Analyst with Infosys Technologies Limited. He has got rich experience on various BW Implementation/Support Projects in both SAP BW 3.5 and SAP BW 7.0.

Useful Programs

RSDDTREX_ADMIN_MAINTAIN                                         Maintain BIA Index Parameter
RSDDTREX_AGGREGATES_FILL                                        Fill a BIA Aggregate
RSDDTREX_ALL_INDEX_REBUILD                                     Deletes, Rebuilds and Then Fills All Active BIA Indexes in System
RSDDTREX_BIAMONCHECKS                                            Executes the BIA monitor checks from RSRV
RSDDTREX_BIA_ACTIVATE_FILL                                     Activate and Fill BIA Indexes for Multiple InfoCubes
RSDDTREX_BIA_CR_POSTPROCESS                               Adjust Inactive BIA Indexes After a Change Run
RSDDTREX_BIA_INITCHECK                                            Executes the BIA Functionality Check (on an RFC Destination)
RSDDTREX_DELTAINDEX_MERGE                                    Merge BIA Delta Index with Main Index
RSDDTREX_INDEXDATA_DISPLAY                                  Display Data of BIA Index
RSDDTREX_INDEX_ADJUST                                            Adaption of BIA Index After Activation of InfoCube
RSDDTREX_INDEX_CHECK                                             Check of Data in BIA Index
RSDDTREX_INDEX_DELETE                                             Report RSDDTREX_INDEX_DELETE
RSDDTREX_INDEX_LOAD_UNLOAD                                Load Data for an BIA Index in Main Memory/Delete from Main Memory
RSDDTREX_MEMORY_ESTIMATE                                    Estimate Memory Usage of BIA Index to InfoCubes
RSDDTREX_NEWSID_XPRA_70SP7                                Enhance Table RSDDTREXNEWSID with DATAFL = FALSE Entries
RSDDTREX_SHADOWINDEX_CREATE                            Create Shadow Index (Duplicate) for Existing BIA Index
RSDDTREX_SHADOWINDEX_DELETE                             Delete shadow index for BIA index
RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX                                New Creation of an Index for S/D/F Table of a Cube with BIA Index

Above is the list off most of the very useful BWA programs which might act as life saver in critical scenarios.Enjoy running these programs.

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