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  • Logistics Extractors Data Flow from LBWQ or SMQ1 to RSA7 in ECC and Delta Extraction in BI
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The purpose of this document is to explain the data flow process from ECC to BI/BW, talking about LBWQ - Logistics Queue Overview, it’s relation to SMQ1 – Outbound Queue, and RSA7 - BW Delta Queue Monitor and Data Loads in BI/BW.


After reading this article, you will know the concepts and how the data/records will transfer from one layer to another layer and finally how it will flow into the BI/BW system using Delta Loads.


SMQ1: qRFC Monitor for the outbound queue, we use this transaction to monitor the status of the LUWs in the outbound queue and restart any hanging queues manually.

LBWQ: This is a transaction that does nothing but calling SMQ1 for queues ‘MCEX*’ skipping the selection screen.

RSA7: BW Delta Queue Monitor, we use this to see transferred data (delta) for a DataSource and a Target system.

LBWE: LO Data Extraction: Customizing Cockpit. Here we can activate/deactivate extraction, maintain extract structures and change update mode for each logistics application.

Live Scenario – Enabling queued delta

We want to know how the qRFC Monitor for the outbound queue (SMQ1) and BW Delta Queue (RSA7) work for delta records. In this example we will use DataSource “2LIS_03_BF” (and 2LIS_03_UM). We assume that Init loads were already executed for the extractors and we are ready to go for delta loads in BW.

First, we set the relevant application’s Update mode to ‘Queued Delta’. See the below screen.

Go to LBWE and set Update Mode to ‘Queued Delta’:

Check outbound queue

If there are already posted or changed documents related to Inventory Controlling – Application 03, they will appear in the outbound queue LBWQ, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

If there are no posted/changed documents, you can post or change any, just to create an entry in LBWQ. This can be done in transaction MB1C for example.

 Check BW Delta queue

Now check transaction RSA7 – BW Delta queue Monitor.

Here we can see number 2 under ‘Total’ in the delta queue:

To see the entries select the DataSource and click on Display data entries Icon.

Select Delta Update and execute.

Nothing is shown here, despite there were 2 records under ‘Total’ in RSA7 initial screen.

Now select ‘Delta repetition’ in the ‘Display data entries’ screen and execute:

You can see 408 entries in Delta Repetition.

Run the V3 update job

Now, run the V3 job from LBWE, to send the documents from the outbound queue to the delta queue. Don’t forget to set the job to run immediately.

You can find the “New Job is Scheduled” on the status bar, so our V3 is started.

Check if the job finished successfully

The job should end shortly. You can find its status in SM37, with job name “LIS-BW*”:

See the job status, it is finished.

Check outbound queue again

Now let’s go back to LBWQ and see the queue. Notice that we can’t find MCEX03, because after executing V3 job, all data records moved from Outbound queue to Delta queue, that is, from LBWQ to RSA7.

Check BW Delta queue again

In RSA7, we can see that the Total has increased from 2 to 3. Now display the entries for the extractor in question.

In the update mode, select Delta update and execute:

Now we can see 99 records, where before it was 0:

Come back and select Delta Repetition and execute.

Here you can find totally 507 records. How? Earlier we have 408 records, now 99 records after V3 job, so totally 507 records.

Now go to BI/BW System and execute DELTA Info Package for 2LIS_03_BF DataSource.

You can see 99 records in PSA. See the below screen.

Diagram with complete data flow

In the following diagram is the abstract of the whole data flow:

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