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When does this error occur?

This error occurs when a query needs to be generated for some reason and is accessed in parallel by several sessions while the regeneration of the ABAP report is actually taking place.

While a regeneration is necessary, a lock is set to the ABAP report and the next session/user trying to access it gets the MC 601 error. 

What tools/products can run into the MC601 for the BEx query ABAP report?

All tools that trigger parallel executions of the same query in a a very short time span are prone to run sooner or later into this situation.

Sample 1: BO/Webi or AO report Schedulings

1936013 Query runs into locking situation: Object requested is currently locked by user

Sample 2: Bex Broadcasting

1729500 JAVA system error randomly occurrs in Event Data Change in process chain due to

When does a query generation take longer then just a few seconds?

The time it takes ot generate the ABAP report heavily depends on the number of query elements and used features.

Complex queries with many query elements (especiall with 2 structures each with many structure elements) can take longer.

Also RKF and CKF containing many substeps need a longer resolve.

In transaction RSRT and pressing the 'Generate report' button one gets an idea how long the generation for this query takes.

In transaction RSRT under 'Technical Info' you find a 'Statistics' box highlighting the number of selections lines, formula elements etc. As soon as there are some yellow traffic lights, certain combination of features can lead to complexity. As soon as there are red traffic lights, the query is to be considered complex.

See the following two screenshots, the generation of the query query with the yellow and red traffic lights will take considerably longer than the green one.

When does a query need to be regenerated?

Typical actions Changes to:Impact on query regeneration
Upgrades, Support packages, SAP note implementations 
  •  the query generation template RSRDUMMY
All queries need to be regenerated. 
Creation of query/ transport of new query
  •  the the generated report did not exist and is required
These Queries need to be generated. 
Changes to the InfoProvider
  • InfoProvider itself
  • key figures and characteristics

Query is regenerated.

OLAP Cache is invalidated.

Changes to the associated metadata 
  • currency translations
  • navigation attributes
Query is regenerated.

OLAP Cache is invalidated.

Changes to the Query Definition 
  • selections, formulas and/or query key dates
  • certain variables or attributes
  • text variables
  • variables affecting the variable screen
  • characteristic settings
  • structure element texts
  • default values for variables 
  • query properties in RSRT and/or Query Designer

Query is regenerated.

OLAP cache data can only be retained for the changes of element or characteristic texts.

 How can query generation be forced?

  • All queries need to be regenerated at a certain point in time (also via process chain):
    •  run or schedule report  RSR_GEN_DIRECT_ALL_QUERIES 
    • can be scheduled in process chains to make sure before an external tool such as BO Webi scheduling starts all queries have a generated report   
  • All queries need to be regenerated on their very next execution, but not all at once:
    • transaction RSRT - Tab environment -> Generate Queries
    • This might be necessary after applying notes providing corrections for the generated query program.
    • At first access of this query by a user/reporting tool the ABAP report is regenerated.
    • If some queries are not used at all, they will never be regenerated
  • Specific queries need to be regenerated:  
    • Transaction RSRT ->Environment -> Generate Queries Directly
    • This can be necessary after change to a certain infoprovider (for example a transport)
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