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  • Mapping multiple BW systems against one JAVA server
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Can we map multiple BW systems against one JAVA server.

This topic is  related to SAP Business Warehouse 7.0 and SAP Business Warehouse 7.01


To understand if it is possible to map multiple BW systems against one JAVA server.


The BI JAVA portal (where BI JAVA components are deployed) can be connected against multiple BW system. But at single point of time

only one system can be set as BI Master system. It means that whenever you are running any BI report/template/query in your portal, then

the data will be fetched from the master system.

How it can be achieved

For each backend system, you need to create an RFC destination in SM59. You need to assign one program id against it and that program id should

be registered in the java server. Through this RFC connection, the ABAP to JAVA and JAVA to ABAP communication will take place.

In the system landscape, you can add these systems and you can make any one of the system as BI master system by setting these below

parameters BI Directory Provider and BI Master System to true.

E.g. You have four backend system, lets say A, B, C and D. Now you created four RFC destinations for these systems (RFC_A, RFC_B,

RFC_C and RFC_D). Then the associate program ids for the above mentioned RFC destinations are ProgId_A, ProgId_B, ProgId_C and ProgId_D.

These program ids should be registered into the JAVA system (lets say J). Now, in the portal, in the system landscape, you can add these

systems. And at a given point of time, you can make only one system as BI Master system by setting the above mentioned parameters and you

need to add SAP_BW as system alias for that system.

If you want to switch back to other system then you need to remove those parameters from the previous system and delete the system alias then

perform the same steps for the current system.

In the User Administration, you can create different portal users (UME database users) for each of the system and those users should be mapped

against the unique backend users.

Like, portal_user_A should be mapped against abap_user_A,

portal_user_B should be mapped against abap_user_B

portal_user_C should be mapped against abap_user_C

portal_user_D should be mapped against abap_user_D.

Please refer the note 917950 for more details.

Please don´t use report RSPOR_SETUP for configuration check for SAP NetWeaver 2004s. The report has been replaced by the

support desk tool. Please have a look at note 937697. RSPOR_SETUP is obsolete in BI 7.x release and Supportdesk tool should

be used in 7.x release.

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