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Master Data & Bex Query F4 Help

in the following we deal with various aspects of master data of BW characteristics. In particular, you can find a detailed discussion of the F4(Input) help to BW variables and query Filters(Selector) .

F4 Guided Answer

BW BEx F4-Help (Input Help, LOV list-of-values)

SAP Online Documentation

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Top F4 consulting note

  • 1565809 - Settings for BW query F4 help

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Types of Master Data

There are different options for accessing master data at query runtime:

  • Standard: The values from the characteristic's master data tables(P,Q,X,Y) are displayed. 
  • Own ImplementationYou can define an ABAP class to implement the access to master data yourself.
  • Direct Access:  You can access the data in a source system using a DTP based on a DataSource.
  • SAP HANA ViewIt is possible to work with virtual master data based on a Hana Calculation View.

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Master Data Topics

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