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How to migrate the 3.x format to SAP NetWeaver 7.x format using Migration Tool:


  • You are in the Web Application Designer and have called the migration tool using the menu bar by choosing Tools → Migration Tool.
  • Library Web items that are in a Web template with SAP BW 3.x format that you want to migrate must first be migrated using the standard ABAP report RSZW_ITEM_MIGRATION_3X_TO_70 of a BW system. To do this, in the menu bar of the SAP Easy Access screen, choose System → Services → Reporting (transaction SA38) and enter the report name RSZW_ITEM_MIGRATION_3X_TO_70 in the Program field. For more information about this report, see SAP Note 832712

Please check the below SAP Help Link:

SAP recommend you to recreate the template in WAD 7.x. Because not all the template can be migrated automatically with new concept/paradigm. Generally, you need to do a lot of post-processing work involved in migration. So SAP always recommend that you recreate the template. Please check the note: 832713 for more details.

1074997 - Migration of Web templates to BI 7.0: User-defined items

The automatic migration can only be performed from something that is known to something that is known. 

Note:You cannot migrate user-defined items or overwritten/enhanced SAP items since you cannot ensure which properties these items have and how they should be mapped to the properties of the new items in the BI Java Web runtime.

Some common Issue when doing migration:

Technical name invalid:

 The reason for these error messages is that the technical names contain invalid characters. While the technical names in the BI 3.x environment did not have many restrictions in terms of allowed characters, in BI 7.x, a stronger type system is introduced (because of stronger extensibility concepts, and other reasons). A "(" or a ")" is not a valid character in a technical name of an item/dataprovider. As there seems to be also an issue with "/" character - this has been changed with SPS10 (frontend+backend), so that a "/" will not be prompted as invalid if it happens in a technical name. If you adjust the technical names, the error messages will go away.

Please refer the following URL to help to resolve the migration problem

Also please check the note:
 2175541 - Common issues occurring during migration


Link to this page:


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