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Normal process of migrating BEx Queries from 3.x version to 7.0 requires us to open the 3.x BEx Query using the BI7.0 Query Designer and Save it. This would migrate the 3.x Query to BI7.0. Once migrated, we will not be able to edit the Query using 3.x Query designer anymore. Similar to Query migration, 3.x BEx Workbook Migration requires opening of 3.x Workbook using the 7.0 BEx Analyzer and saving it.

Though the process of migration is simple, it becomes very tedious depending on the number of BEx Queries and Workbooks involved. Some useful tips discussed here would help reduce the time spent on trying to fix some of the common issues encountered as part of migration.

  • Message no. TK112 - The objects R3TR ELEM abc und R3TR ELEM xyz cannot be edited together because the 1st objects's original is in this system, whereas the 2nd object's original resides in another system - When we try to migrate a 3.x BEx Query, we get this message  In order to get rid of this, we can follow the process below 
    1. Open the 3.x Query using 3.x Query designer.
    2. Save the Query using 3.x Query designer and assign it to a Transport request.
    3. Open the same Query using the BI7.0 Query Designer.
    4. Save it using the BI7.0 Query Designer. 
  • Delete Query Results option not available for BEx Workbooks in BI7.0 - In BW 3.5 we had an option to delete Query Result when saving a workbook. This would allow us not to display any Result data from a previous run when the workbook is opened. But in BI7.0, this option is not available. This could be because in BI7.0 when we open a Workbook with setting "Refresh Workbook on Open", it first displays the Variable selection screen. Only when we enter the selection values and hit enter, does the report shows up. Unlike in BW 3.5, when we open a workbook from server, first the report layout is displayed and only after that the Variable selection screen is displayed. In 3.5, we had an option to cancel the Variable screen pop up, which would leave us with the report layout. And if we did not delete results at the time of saving the workbook to the server, it would leave users with old data. But in BI7.0, when the cancel button is selected on the Variable screen, it leaves a blank report layout.
  •  Default Values in Variable Selection Screen - In the DEV system, we migrated a Workbook. When the Workbook is saved using BI7.0 BEx Analyzer, it is saved with the values we have entered on the Variable screen. When this Workbook is transported to the target system, and when the Workbook is opened in the Target system, the Selection Values with which the Workbook was saved in DEV system show up in the Variable selection screen. This may not be useful most of the times because, the data in DEV system may not be the same as it is in QA or PRD system. In order to avoid this from happening, we can unchek the "Process Variables on Refresh" in the Workbook settings. OSS 1017248 provides more information on this.
  • In order to have better performance when using BI7.0 BEx Analyzer, we need to make sure that we have .NET 2.0 framework with latest Service Packs installed. This is to avoid any memory leaks which would hamper the performance.
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