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  • Missing transfer structures after system copy from PRD TO QA
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Sometimes, system copy is required to refresh the quality system with production data so that quality of the changes can be checked against more real data of production systems before moving the changes finally to production system. System copy in simple word is replicating the whole system. After the system copy, there are many other parameters or changes to be performed (like changing server file paths, source system assignments etc) before the system can be used seamlessly as quality environment.

In this scenario, it may happen sometime that for some load, transfer structure is missing; and if you check the data source it will show the status "Modified" and the active version does not exist. If you try to run the data load for this object, it throws error "Attributes are not yet maintained."

1. Check the info source. Corresponding assignment of data source does not show any communication structure or transfer strcture below it.

2. Datasource does not get active even after replicating from source system.

3. Program for activating the transfer structure does not work as system table RSTS does not have entries for it.

4. Table RSOLTPSOURCE has correct entries for data source and info source assignment.

To correct the error, collect missing transfer structures from development system and transport them till quality system. Then you will be able to see the missing transfer structure correctly below info source. This will also mark the modified data source as active. Now you can run the data load which was earlier showing the error "Attributes are not yet maintained." Data load will start without any error.