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  • NC: Unexpected negative stock values
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A query with non-cumulative key figures displays negative stock values even so no negative movements have been posted to infoprovider.

This is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Stock initialization was carried out with the DTP extraction type 'Delta' instead of 'Initial Non-Cumulative of Non-Cumulatives'
  • Mix up of historic and current deltas in some requests
  • ...
Example 1: wrong DTP extraction type 'Delta' for the Initialization of the marker/reference points (in most cases 2LIS_03_BX requests)

For better understanding see the classic example from SAP note: 1548125 - Interesting facts about Inventory Cubes


STEP 1: Loading of stock initialization
RequestID 1000
initialization: using 2LIS_03_BX
material A -> 100 PC (on 06.05.2010)

Assume, the DTP extraction mode for this initialization request is wrongly set to 'Delta':

If this is loaded with an DTP in 'Delta mode', the F-table looks like this:

requestidrecordtp  calday      0ISSTOTSTCK  0RECTOTSTCK
1000006.05.2010 100 PC

After compression the E-table will contain a marker and a movement:

requestidrecordtp  calday      0ISSTOTSTCK  0RECTOTSTCK
0006.05.2010 100 PC 
0131.12.9999 100 PC

The movement record should not be there and will not be there, if the DTP extraction mode would have been 'Initial Non cumlative of Non-Cumulative Values'.

This will cause the query calculation to go wrong from now on for times before the initialization: 

04.05.20100 PC  
05.05.20100 PC  
06.05.2010100 PC 100 PC 
07.05.2010100 PC  

STEP 2: Loading of historical data
RequestID 2000
historical data: using 2LIS_03_BF
material A -> 40 PC added on 05.05.2010
material A -> 20 PC added on 04.05.2010


This request will be loaded to the F-table:

requestidrecordtp  calday      0ISSTOTSTCK  0RECTOTSTCK
2000004.05.2010 20 PC
2000005.05.2010 40 PC

Now a compression without marker update will transfer these records into the E-table:

requestidrecordtp  calday      0ISSTOTSTCK  0RECTOTSTCK
0004.05.2010 20 PC
0005.05.2010 40 PC
0006.05.2010 100 PC
0131.12.9999 100 PC

The query now has to deduct the historical data from the existing marker and negative numbers come up, even so no negative numbers have been posted.

04.05.2010-60 PC   20 PC
05.05.2010-40 PC 40 PC 
06.05.2010100 PC 100 PC 
07.05.2010100 PC  


If your scenario has a stock initialization because only a part of the historic stock data will be loaded, make sure that the initialization of the markers is loaded with the correct DTP extraction mode: 

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