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As discussed in note 2374993, selective deletion (on a non-cumulative InfoCube and Inventory aDSOs) with time restrictions can lead to inconsistencies and hence such a deletion isn't allowed any longer. However, it is possible to e.g. delete all data records for a certain material. If you don't specify a value for 0recordtp(see note 1548125) during selective deletion, the system also removes are values where 0recordtp=1, so, all reference points are removed as well. This would also allow you e.g. to reload(with a new ncum-init) all stock records of a certain material.


Our simple sample cube contains the following data(transaction LISTCUBE used)

We want to delete the data for material M003 and use the feature Selective Deletion:

There is no filter regarding 0recordtp and hence the system removes the reference points as well

However, in principle, it is also possible to e.g. only remove the compressed movements(0recortp=2)

The reference points still exist for material M002:

Please note that such explicit deletions of certain values of 0recordtp are very 'dangerous' since this leads normally to inconsistencies(see note 1548125 ).

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