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From MT Client version 1.14, it is possible to 'Show the Unassigned Navigation Attributes' on the the Scenario tab as well. In this way it is possible to check all the Navigation Attributes of the Characteristics, which are persist in the correspondent PartProvider.

Otherwise the Navigation Attributes can be set for a particular Characteristic, on the Output tab.

From MT Client version 1.14 the behaviour in case of Stacked Composite Providers, is a little but different. For the Superior Composite Provider, only those Navigation Attributes can be activated, which already activated in the Stacked Composite Provider.

In the Simple example below, it can be seen that no Navigation Attributes are activated in the Stacked Composite Provider:

Therefore it is not possible to activate any Navigation attributes in the Superior Composite Provider:

In case of Advanced Data Store Object, please refer to the following KBA 2215947.
In case of any other Provider types, please refer to the following Wiki page


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