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In order to make a smooth and efficient investigation, it would be helpful if SAP could remotely log into BW and BW Source System(such as ECC, SCM, CRM, etc). Below is the list of necessary information, and while contacting SAP Support, it's also suggested to do some self-service, such as searching the documentation, asking in SAP Forum, etc.


1. "R/3 Support type connection" (Note 31515) to the BW source system (if issue not reproducible in RSA3 in the source, then also the BW system connection)and provide following data in the Secure Area:

2. Please identify where the record(s) is(becomes) incorrect, in order to determine the right component(for contacting support team or perform a efficient search of SAP notes/KBA):

  • Is the data extracted by RSA3 correct in ECC system?
    -> If not, please select a proper BW-BCT component for further analysis. (We will provide a guide of how to use RSA3 in the near future,)
  • If the data extracted by RSA3 is correct, but the data loaded to PSA table is incorrect.
    -> Most likely, the issue lies in BW Service API, please consider BC-BW component. Please check note 529789.
    --> Please provide the technical name of the infopackage and the request ID of wrong data. (Begins with REQU*, or DTPR* for non-PSA loading)
  • If the data extracted to PSA table is correct, but the data loaded to Cube/DSO is incorrect, please consider to put it under BW-WHM-DST component.
    Please provide the technical name of the DTP and request ID.

  • If the data is correct in data target, such as Cube/DSO, but the query result is incorrect. Please test the query result in T-code RSRT (HTML mode). 
    If the result in RSRT is correct, but not correct when displaying by Analyzer or Portal, please consider to select a BW-BEX-ET component.
    Otherwise, BW-BEX-OT component would be more proper. (Please try to find a 4th level sub-component, for more efficient search and support.)

3. Please provide the necessary information for analysis:

  • Dataloading request number(if infopackage, starting with REQU, if DTP, starting with DTPR), delta loading or full loading.
  • Package number and Record number if apply.
  • BW Datasource tech name
  • Technical name of the field of incorrect value, and what's your expected value + why
  • If there's a ST22  dump, please attach. Please also reserve the extraction background job log(Starting with BIREQU_* in the Source System).