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To highlight the authorization objects available in the BW system as of 7.x


Below the authorizations are listed in the given catagories,for WHM and BEX.

Authorization Objects for working with the Data Warehousing Workbench

  • S_RS_DS: Authorizations for working with the Data Store or its subobjects as of SAP NetWeaver2004s
  • S_RS_ISNEW: Authorizations for working with the New Infosource or their subobjects as of SAP NetWeaver2004s
  • S_RS_DTP: Authorizations for working with the Data Transfer Process and its subobjects
  • S_RS_TR: Authorizations for working with the transformation rules and their subobjects
  • S_RS_CTT: Authorizations for working with currency translation types
  • S_RS_UOM: Authorizations for working with the quantity conversion types
  • S_RS_THJT: Authorizations for working with key date derivation types
  • S_RS_PLENQ: Authorizations for maintaining or displaying the lock settings
  • S_RS_RST: Authorization object for RS trace tool
  • S_RS_PC: Authorizations for working with Process chains
  • S_RS_OHDEST: Open Hub Destination

Authorization Objects for working in the Business Explorer

  • S_RS_DAS: Authorizations for working with Data Access Services
  • S_RS_BTMP: Authorizations for working with BEx Web Templates
  • S_RS_BEXTX: Authorizations for the maintenance of BEx Texts
  • S_RS_COMP : Business Explorer - Components
  • S_RS_COMP1 : Business Explorer - Components
  • Authorization objects for the administration of analysis authorizations:

 S_RSEC: Authorizations for assignment and administration of analysis authorizations

  • S_RS_AUTH: Authorization object to include analysis authorizations in roles
  • Changed Authorization objects:

S_RS_ADMWB (Data Warehousing Workbench: Objects)

For Display and change of routines, the authorization is mapped to the SAP NetWeaver Authorization Object S_DEVELOP

New Role Templates

  • S_RS_NEW_NW04S: New Authorizations for NW2004S
  • S_DEVELOP (Display/Change BI Routines)
  • S_RS_ADMWB (Install Business Content, manage Content, Drag & Drop to Info Areas and Application Components, execute attribute change run)
  • S_RS_PC (all)
  • S_RS_OHDEST (all)

Changed Role Templates

  • Existing authorization templates were enhanced with new authorization objects.

Tables for Authorizations

  • RSDCHABAS-AUTHRLF is flag for authorization relevance
  • RSECVAL and RSECHIE  tables contain definition of authorizations
  • RSECLOG contains audit trail for changes to authorizations
  • Check other RSEC* tables for more details

Function Modules

  • Use function module RSEC_GET_AUTH_FOR_USER to read authorizations for a single characteristics (same as authorization variable)

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