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New lines: Checks for new lines

The info whether new lines should be created is provided to the frontend by


In these methods, look for table L_TS_AXIS.
In table E_TH_DAT_N in CL_RSR_OLAP->IF_RSR_OLAP~GET_INPUTALE_DAT_N field TUPLE_ID will be filled if there are entries and field NOINPUT shows whether key figures can be input ready or not. If there are no input ready key figures, no new line will be created, so at least one key figure should have NOINPUT = ' '.

If new values have been entered into the new line, you can check l_tx_new_values in CL_BICS_PROV_RS_CONVERTER->SET_NEW_RS_VALUES for the frontend format of these (web) and <l_t_inputxx> in CL_RSBOLAP_QV_RESULT_SET->SET_NEW_VALUES for the OLAP format.

New lines: Input readyness for currencies or units

The currency / unit have to be restricted to a single value.
You can only type in values for quantities if the corresponding unit is known. In your case the unit is not restricted at the key figure. So a unit is unknown as long as unit is not restricted in the query. Hence it is not possible to enter new rows in this situation because in the new row the unit is unkown.

To get the correct number of decimals it is necessary to know the unit and/or currency in a new row. This is not possible as long as unit and currency is not filtered to a single value.

Now also check the new note 1149346: New rows and currencies/units in drilldown
This note will clearly explain, all the restrictions and necessities for new lines.

New lines: Is it possible to have more than one new line?


  • WebApplicationDesigner: There is a parameter "number of new lines"
  • Workbook
  • For further information please refer to online documentation

Inverse Formula in new lines

  • If an inverse formula involves a formula variable replaced by an attribute, please use the formula variable directly.  Nested formula variable (that is, put the variable in a formula or Calculated Key Figure, then use it in the inverse formula) will lead to unexpected query result in new line.  See Note 1236347.

Relevant notes:

The latest information on new lines in Planqueries you find in note

1149346: New rows and currencies/units in drilldown
Read this note for the minimum requirements and the restrictions for showing the new lines in a query.

1136163: The query settings in RSRT -> Attributes
Read this note for the details about read modes , request handling for the input queries.

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  1. Former Member

    Number of new input-ready lines for Bex workbook is determined by the first query column - all bottom lines where this column is filled considered as new input lines.