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A new functionality for master data deletion was introduced with Support Package SAPKW70023. This page describes the functionalities and provides some additional tips for using them.


In some cases, deleting master data for characteristics with a lot of values resulted in memory overflow errors. The new master data functionality provides a program RSDMDD_DELETE_BATCH which allows you to create a filter to selectively delete master data in the background. You can also specify the search mode so you determine how thorough the usage check should be.

How to enable the new master data deletion

You set the flag in the customising as follows

RSA1 -> menu Settings -> Global Settings

The field 'Pack.Mas.Data.Del' is used to activate the new master data deletion

The new functionality is called by default from release 7.3, the old master data deletion should no longer be used in this release.

You can delete master data using the following three methods;

From the Infoobject context menu “Delete Master Data”

Selective Deletion from the Master Data Maintenance

Selective Deletion using RSDMDD_DELETE_BATCH

Where used Check

When you run RSDMDD_DELETE_BATCH you have the option to use the following search modes (specified in the field P_SMODE)

O - Only one usage per value

P - One usage per value per InfoProvider

E - One usage is enough:

A - All usages of all values:

To determine which search mode is used when you are using a method other than RSDMDD_DELETE_BATCH, you make the settings in table RSADMIN with the following parameter;

RSDMD_SEARCH_MODE_<Name of the InfoObject>

This allows you to have different search modes for different infoobjects.  The default search mode is O.

Simulation Mode

You can use the simulation mode in program RSDMD_DEL_MASTER_DATA to find the usage of master data values without locking the tables. This could be useful to determine the runtime for the deletion. Note however that the list may be incomplete as this mode does not create any locks and the tables may be updated during the simulation.  The simulation mode is activated with the flag "P_SIMUL".

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