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As described in note 1557321, BW standard operations like rollup, compression, aggregate fill-up or running of queries may lead to a data overflow error. It means that in a table (e.g. fact table) there are values stored in a column which exceed the limit of the corresponding data type. There can only be two possible solutions:

  • Delete some data (perhaps huge values were loaded unintentionally)
  • Change the Key Figure in order to allow bigger values

Note 1557321 explains in detail how to analyze and solve such issues. Basically the procedure is as follows:

  1. Find the SQL statement  
  2. Find the relevant Key Figure  
  3. Figure out the data type of the Key Figure  
  4. Check the data in LISTCUBE (or SE16)  
  5. Change data type of Key Figure or delete some data

In this page you can fins some examples with screenshots which (additionally) could be helpful when checking such a problem on a certain database.

Simple example on HANA Database

Simple Example on ORACLE Database

SAP Consulting Notes

  • 1557321 - Numeric Overflow during standard BW processes
  • 460652  - Extending key figures in BW
  • 579342  - Changing key figures that are used in InfoProviders
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