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Whenever you define two structures that both contain formulas, it is unclear to the system how to calculate the formulas at the point where both formulas intersect. Basically it is about the order of the calculations of the two formulas. Since in general this leads to different results, you can specify which formula to applied last. You can make the following settings in the Eliminate Formula Collision field:

Check the online documentation(search for Formula Collision on page Selection/Formula/Cell Properties ) and the following simple examples

 Example I

Please note that the setting 'Eliminate Formula Collision' does not exist for Calculated Key Figures (CKF).

Formulas and CKFs

In a key figure structure it is also possible to define formula logic by using Calculated Key Figures CKF) instead of "local" formulas. In case that a formula is used in the (characteristic) structure and a CKF is used in the (key figure) structure the following rule applies:

  • By system design, the formula is taken to calculate the value of the corresponding cell, not the opposite CKF.
  • Formula setting "Formula Collision Resolution" has no effect in such a scenario.

This behavior, however, was not fully ensured in the past and got fixed by SAP note 2386430.

More details on this topic can found in notes:

2386430 - Formula collision resolution and calculated keyfigures (CKFs) 
2722913 - Formula Collision: Formulas vs. CKFs (Amendments to SAP Note 2386430)

Moreover,  SAP note 2386430 introduces the  RSADMIN parameter RZI_CONSIDER_CKF_COLLISION=ON allowing formula setting "Formula Collision Resolution"  to be taken into account in such a scenario. This approach now allows to explicitly force CKFs to be used instead of opposite formulas.

Example II - Forcing the calculation of a CKF to be used over a Formula

Example III - Special scenario: Forcing a different calculation on multiple CKFs and an opposite formula


SAP Online Documentation

Selection/Formula/Cell Properties

SAP Notes

2386430 - Formula collision resolution and calculated keyfigures (CKFs) 

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