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Analytic Manager / OLAP Engine

Note that the terms Analytic Manager(Processor) and OLAP Engine are synonyms for to the same functionality which provides you with analytical OLAP functions and services. It is optimized for analyzing and reporting large datasets. This page contains detailed information to the Analytic Manager and some other related topics like F4 help and the interface to the data base (also called DataManager). It should help to get a better understanding of the basic concepts and give you a guideline how to analyze problems in these areas.

The content of this site is in large part valid for both, Netweaver BW systems (including S/4HANA embedded BW) and BW/4Hana systems. If this isn't the case we added a corresponding explanation to the affected topic/sub-page.

OLAP Layer

BW OLAP Services

InfoProvider Layer

BW running on HANA Database and SAP BW/4HANA

  • Data Modeling / Hana Optimized Cube, CompositeProvider, Datastore Object (Advanced), Open ODS View

  • OLAP Analytical Engine / Hana Pushdown of features like Exception Aggregation


Other OT Topics

OLAP Search

SAP Support Troubleshooting Guideline