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When using the query runtime statistics, you can determine how much time the execution of a certain query or a certain navigation step take in the front end and in the analytic manager. Basically, the statistics records can be analyzed by using the technical content (TCT), the transaction RSRT (AdHoc Analysis) or two table views. In particular when you want to analyze a performance problem concerning a certain query, transaction RSRT offers the most convenient way to take a look at the query runtime statistics. See also Query Performance.

Since query runtime statistics generate a very large amount of statistics data, it is recommended to activate this feature only for queries where it is really required. In addition, normally it is also necessary to delete statistics data on a regular basis.

SAP Online Documentation

BEx Query Runtime Statistics

Knowledge Base Article

2633595 - RSDDSTAT transaction and tables for query statistics collection

How to activate the statistics for a certain query (transaction RSDDSTAT) 

In transaction RSDDSTAT for maintaining statistics properties, you can activate and deactivate the statistics for certain queries and also e.g. specify the required granularity for each object.

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Configuring Statistics Properties

Changing the setting for a certain query:

Canging the default:

How to analyze the statistics

Checking Table Views

The statistics data is stored in various tables. In terms of analyzing the statistics data, it is convenient to use the following two views:                                                       

  • View RSDDSTAT_OLAP contains the data from the events in the areas for the front end and calculation layer in the analytic manager
  • View RSDDSTAT_DM contains the event data from the area for the aggregation layer and DataManager
SAP Online Documentation

Analysis Using Technical BI Content for BW Statistics                                                               

Technical BI Content provides predefined BW objects such as Cubes(e.g. 0TCT_C01 and 0TCT_C02), queries and web templates for analyzing most statistics data. Before using technical BI Content, you have to activate it. For more information see

SAP Online Documentation

Adhoc Analysis of Query Runtime Statistics in the Query Monitor (Transaction RSRT)

Using the feature 'Display Statistics Data' in RSRT, you can perform an ad hoc analysis at query runtime.

The data for the area for the calculation layer of the analytic engine and the data for the area for the aggregation layer are displayed on two separate tab pages. For details see RSRT: Display Statistics Data.

How to delete Statistics Recordings

Since query runtime statistics generate a very large amount of statistics data, it might be necessary to delete the data from the RSSDDSTAT* tables on a regular basis. When using technical content, deletion of statistics recording for query runtime statistics is automated. For more information see Maintenance of Statistics Properties.          

Maintain parameter TCT_KEEP_OLAP_DM_DATA_N_DAYS in table RSADMIN for automatic deletion during data load or run transaction RSDDSTAT for manual deletion. For more details, please see SAP Note 1597364 - "15. TCT and BI Admin cockpit".                                                     

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