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You need the same LISTCUBE selection over and over again (can be time consuming for big infoproviders with many infoobjects to enter the selection criteria and check the fiedls for output again and again.


SAP support is asking you for a LISTCUBE report to demonstrate that certain data existis or to demonstrate a problem with the data manager.


In transaction LISTCUBE enter a name for the ABAP program to be created (it needs to start with Z or Y as it will be a customer program):

This will create an ABAP report that can later be run in transaction SE38.

Now, select all fields that are needed for selection of display:

 Enter the selection criteria needed for the scenario and press the 'Fld Selection for Output' button to select which infoobjects shall be displayed:

There select all infoobjects that to be extracted:

Return to the initial screen and press the SAVE button to create a variant:

Make sure that the screens 1000 (for the selections) and 0001 (for the fields for output) are selected and SAVE the variant:


Now, you can run the created report in transaction SE38 with the name assigned previously by pressing F8 or Execute:

The initial screen for this infoprovider in LISTCUBE is shown again and you can retrieve the variant by pressing the 'Variant button:

Select the variant and all selection criteria and fields for output are retrieved quickly without entering each selection criteria and checking all fields for display.

This will save time and avoid missunderstandings for SAP support to quickly run such a report to see proof of certain data existing or to replicate an error on data manager layer.




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