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For the analysis and/or simulation of issues with BEx queries several Support Tools and Transactions exist:

  • Query Monitor: Transaction RSRT: Query Monitor
    • The query monitor gives the Option to run and analyse Bex queries, with results .
  • OLAP Trace: Transaction RSTT
    • The OLAP trace captures the interaction of frontend Tools with the analytical engine.  
  • Transaction LISTCUBE
    • The 'Display Data' function aka Transaction LISTCUBE can be used to Analyse the Content and Data of BW InfoProvider. 
  • Analysis and Repair of Inconsistencies in Master and Transaction Data: Transaction RSRV
    • For suspected inconsistencies of master data, Transaction data, hierarchy data or other metadata this Transaction provides several checks and for some issues also repair functions. 
  • Analysis and repair of inconsistent query definitions: Report ANALYZE_RSZ_TABLES
    • For suspected inconsistencies of query elements (RKF, CKF, VAR, ...) 
  • MDX statement test environment: Transaction MDXTEST
    • When using the MDX Interface with a frontend, the MDX Statement can be tested and simulated in Transaction MDXTEST. 
  • RSECADMIN/RSUDO .. see KBA 2182164
    • When experiencing issues with Analysis authorizations this Transaction can be used to simulate Bex queries with restricted users and/or Display the authorization protocol.
  • RSDRI debug report