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SAP Online Documentation

Transaction EQMANAGER - Managing Easy Queries (what features are supported in Easy Query)

Configuring Easy Queries

EasyQuery API

Parameters for ODATA Queries

SCN Blogs and Introduction

SCN Blog: Easy Queries on SAP NetWaever BW - Introducing the feature 


Steps to Create an ODATA service for a BW Query

ODATA easy query with free characteristics

ODATA query with variables 


SAP Notes

Consulting Notes

2131107 - EQ: Error reading variant and exception CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL

1963770 - GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Dump when Test Easy Query in EQMANAGER

Setup Notes

1944258 - Easy query setup: Setup-Report

1689909 - Easy query setup: Necessary system settings for EQ

1831499 - Easy query setup: Required system settings for EQ II

2607370 - ODATA: Generation of OData service fails

2742564 - OData: Model class and OData service not properly generated


2367553 - ODataQuery features and limitation

1904623 - EQ: Limitations for SOAP & EQ-RFC --> Variables!

Tables, functions and transactions

Table RSEQ_DIR: Directory of Bex queries enabled as EasyQuery
  • contains the web service and the functions module generated when flagging the Easy Query
Function RSEQ_START_GENERATION: generation of function module and web service stub
  • allows fast generation of an Easy query function adn web service
  • can be used to check error message in more details
  • Sample: 

T ID                   NUM MESSAGE
E BW_BICS_EQ           042 Either package $EQ_GEN does not exist or authorization is invalid
I BW_BICS_EQ           005 Generation process started for easy query ZQ_1234

    • This function is called within function RSEQ_START_GENERATION
    • It can be used to debug the processing in dialog mode
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