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Support for Application Components: BW-BEX-OT-BICS-INA or BW4-AE-API-INA

Online Documentation

The INA protocol is an internal protocol used by SAP products to retrieve data from (embedded) BW or HANA databases. There is no public documentation for this SAP internal protocol.

Support Transactions

Supporting the uses cases with INA protocol follow the SAP note:

2298764 - Reproducing and tracing a sequence of BICS InA requests 

The transactions and tools used in the SAP note are described here in more detail.

Fiddler Traces

See SAP Community Wiki: What is Fiddler?

Or follow KBA 2385888 - How to collect HTTP(s) trace for Analysis using Fiddler


Transaction RSBITT can for example be used to simulate JSON requests contained in the Fiddler traces or extract the sequence steps from RSTT traces. The analysis can then be performed in the backend layer.

See SAP Community Wiki: Transaction RSBITT


The RSTT trace is used in BW to simulate interactions where several calls and communication are used.

See SAP Community Wiki: Transaction RSTT


The RSRT transaction is the BW query monitor and should be used to simulate query executions and perform simple backend checks if a BEx query is working as expected. 

See SAP Community Wiki: Transaction RSRT

INA Protocol used by:


Design Studio Fiori Application

  • Prerequisite configuration SAP Notes:
    • 2356997 – “Configuration steps for Design Studio in Distributed S/4HANA Environments with a Remote Gateway Server with UI5 1.44 or newer
  • Sample Error Analysis

HANA / Fiori LaunchPad Enterprise Search



Other components involved:

LOD-ANA-BI              SAC

CA-GTF-VDM-BOC    S/4 - SAC Integration

BC-SRV-APS-COM    Maintain Communication System and Arrangement

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  1. My inner developer is very curious about it... Is it more performant than BICS or web-friendly, hence used in SAC?