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In the following we discuss some technical details of transient providers and transient queries based on ABAP CDS Views(Analytic Queries). Among others, the gives information should help you to check/analyze such objects in case they do not work as expected.

ABAP Core Data Services (CDS) Views allow the creation of rather complex views which exceed the capabilities of database views created in SE11. Besides their role in the ABAP Programming Language, CDS Views are the technology behind the virtual data model of SAP S/4HANA Analytics. CDS views can be enhanced with analytic annotations which can be interpreted by the Analytic Engine(also some non-analytics annotations are used by the OLAP Engine).

A semantic distinction can be made in the Analytics annotations between annotations that are relevant for the InfoProvider (CUBE) level and annotations that are only relevant for analytic queries. Such Query Views will be translated to BW Queries via the BW Badi for transient queries.

Since the Analytic Engine is needed to interpret the analytic annotations, in general the Data Preview in the Hana Studion (ABAP Perspective) for such an CDS View does not display the desired data. This can only be guarateed by the corresponding BW query.

The following very simple examples provide an first technical insight into such transient BW objects:

Important Points
  • Naming Conventions: There three technical names assiggned to an CDS view. The so called SQLViewName is used in the ABAP dictionary(SE11). The corresponding BW object(like cube and query) uses this technical name as well but with the prefix 2C , so  2C'SQLVIEWNAME'. See CDS Views: Naming Conventions.
  • There are some useful reports and transactions where you can check CDS view in the backend, see CDS Views: Tools and Tables.
  • CDS views depend on the client the user is logged onto when the table, the CDS view is based on, is client dependent. Cross-client access with Analytic Queries is not supported. See the following simple example Client-Dependent CDS View.
  • DCS views can be authorization relevant. CDS access controls can be used to define the values certain users are authorized to see. See the simple example discussed in CDA Access Controls.

in the following page we provide simple examples for the most important analytic annotations:

CDS views: HowTo use in BW contexts 

SAP Online Documentation


SAP Notes

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