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Commit Permitted During Read


If this parameter is set to RS_C_FALSE, there will not be a commit on the primary database connection during reading.

The following restrictions apply, however:

  • The BIA index cannot be used for InfoCubes, as no RFCs can be made
  • The result cannot be written to a database table (parameter I_SAVE_IN_TABLE must be initial)
  • The query cannot be executed in parallel, as no RFCs can be made.
  • The query cannot query stocks, as code generation is required for this.
  • The SQL query materialization cannot be used, as commits are required for this.
  • No remote InfoProviders or virtual InfoProviders are alowed, as the control flow for these cannot be controlled by BI. Providers supported at present are InfoCubes, DataStore objects and MultiProviders.

If the query uses hierarchies or a large number of single value restrictions, these restrictions are materialized in temporary tables. This is only possible if a list of these temporary tables exists. You can use report SAP_GENERATE_TMPTABLES to generate a list of temporary tables of this kind.

If an InfoProvider does not allows reading without commit, exception NO_COMMIT_FREE_READ is thrown.

These restrictions meant that you can expect performance issues if you use this parameter.

Value range
Value Meaning
RS_C_TRUE Commits are allowed during reading
RS_C_FALSE Commits are not allowed during reading


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