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Data Manger

As already explained, the Data Manager (DM) is the layer responsible for translating the OLAP request for data retrieval from the different InfoProvider-types (e.g. Basis Cube, MultiProviders or Virtual Cubes). It also creates the necessary (SQL) statements which are finally processed by the data base/BWA/HANA.
The transaction LISTCUBE offers a user interface for using the DataManger to check the content of Infoproviders in a convenient way. This, for instance, might be necessary in case a query does not display expected results, see note 1591837 "How to analyze query results". One advantage of LISTCUBE is the reduced complexity in comparison to the query (first steps when analyzing issues are always simplifying/narrowing down the problem...) since LISTCUBE does not execute any OLAP features (like checks whether the defined restrictions were correctly applied by the Infoprovider - note 2115750). Please see also Main Processing Layers.

Transaction LISTCUBE

Its recommended to choose the display of technical names of the infoobjects. If you enter a name under 'Name of ABAP Program' (note 1479893), the transaction generates a ABAP program that assembles the selection screen for the InfoProvider request. This program can be used to save variants and this is very useful in case of repeated identical requests (e.g. in the framework of an Support Message, see also note 2055174) - See a sample report creation.

What you need to know about LISTCUBE
  • This transaction cannot handle hierarchy node restrictions.
  • If the value # (not assigned, SID=0) is used as a filter value its necessary to use the explicit selection option '=' for 'blank'.
  • Settings
    • 'Do not use any data conversion': if active, data is displayed in the same format as it is stored in the database. See note 1240163.
    • 'Use mat. aggregates': the usage of aggregates / BWA / Hana Analytics-API can be switched off (If possible/supported)
    • 'Use DB aggregation': if flagged, aggregation takes place over non selected fields. Please note that Listcube never aggreates over data records coming from different data packages! E.g. if identical records(same combination of characteristc keys) come from two different partproviders(or E and F table), they are displayed as seperate rows in the output.
    • 'Read Data from Archive/Near-Line Storage': you use this option to control whether data is also to be read from a connected near-line storage source or an ADK archive.
    • 'Max number of hits': the default value is 200; it might by necessary to increase this number (e.g. to get data from all partproviders of an Multicube displayed)
    • 'Display SQL query /Execution plan' - same function as in RSRT
  • Buttons
    • 'Field Selection for Output': you can specify which InfoObjects should be drilled down
    • 'Execute&Debug': a part of the functions are offered which we know already from the same button in RSRT
  • In case the infoprovider is a basis cube with non-cumulativekey figures please take into account that the reference points are only displayed when you explicitly set the restriction 0RECORDTP=1 (see note 1548125).
  • LISTCUBE does not automatically restrict the infoobject 0REQUID, you get also data from requests displayed which are not availabel for reporting! Hence it might be necessary to set a corresponding filter by hand in order to use the correct data set (for the comparision with a query).
  • LISTCUBE does not execute any OLAP features like checks whether the defined restrictions were correctly applied by the Infoprovider(e.g. relevant for Virtual Cubes) - see note 2115750.
  • LISTCUBE does not handle key figures with aggregation NOP/NO2 correctly, see note 2470400 for further details
  • In case a CompositeProvider uses a non-unique join condition, the transaction LISTCUBE might display incorrect results. See note 2372430.
  • If 'List Output' is totally empty(no columns displayed), check the layout setting. See Listcube:Change Layout and note 2079227.
  • There is the possibilty to automatically create a report when running Listcube. This report then can be reused for further checks. One big advantage is that it allows to save variants, see notes   1956741 and 1479893.

  • When displaying data of virtual providers in transaction LISTCUBE, you receive the warning message "DBMAN 241 Selections for characteristic &1 could not be checked"(or DBMAN 242) - see note 2115750 for details.
How to proceed when Listcube does not display correct values 
  • First check whether one of the points from above may explain the unexpected values
  • Incorrect data can be caused by inconsistencies
    • If aggregates exists, switch off the usage of aggregates by deactivating the function 'Use mat. Aggregates'
    • In case issue only happens for navigation attributes (e.g. when in the drilldown) run the corresponding RSRV check as explained in RSRV:MasterData.
    • If the issue appeared after you added a characteristic to an Infocube (which contained already data), see note 1774470 'Adding Characteristics to an InfoCube'
  • If BW is based on Hana
    • Always run RSRV check as explained in note 2271335 (in particular when result is different when deactivating the function 'Use mat. Aggregates')
    • In case HCPR is based on Hana Model: see 2366242 'HCPR: Incorrect Query Result when a Field is assigned to an InfoObject'
    • In case a CompositeProvider uses a non-unique join condition, transaction LISTCUBE might display incorrect results. See note 2372430.

See also SAP Note 2471394 and, in particular when it is about DataMart scenarios, note 2411488  "Incorrect data when extracting data from an InfoProvider (DataMart) / viewing the data in a Query or LISTCUBE".


SAP Consulting Notes

  • 2471394  Incorrect/Unexpected Values displayed in LISTCUBE
  • 2411488  Incorrect data when extracting data from an InfoProvider (DataMart) / viewing the data in a Query or LISTCUBE

  • 2115750  VC: DBMAN 241 or 242 when displaying data of virtual cubes in transaction LISTCUBE
  • 1591837  How to analyze query results
  • 1479893  BW LISTCUBE improvements
  • 2055174  How to create a listcube-report out of a keyfigure-definition shown in transaction RSRT
  • 2080021  Clean up old listcube reports
  • 2079227  No InfoProvider content is shown when using LISTCUBE
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