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This page described the data federator facade providing access to the RSDRI layer for the SBOP tool: Data Federator.

SAP Online Documentation Data Federator

SDN Wiki Blog for the introduction: SQL access to bw via data federator

Technical interface on BW side is the RSDRI interface: RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ

Data Federator User Guides: User Guide 3.xUser Guide 4.x: "Using SAP BW data sources in IDT" and "Configuring connectors for SAP BW in DF administration"

Data Federator/ BI 4.0 sources: IDT Jco Connection Wiki  

SAP Consulting Notes at a glance:

Check out if you know all of them (once more available they will be added (smile)):

Analysis / Topics

Check out analysis options and several RSDRI_DF (Data Federator) topics:

Guidelines for Error Analysis

1 - RSDRI_DF and authorizations

2 - RSDRI_DF: Performance and Memory

Texts and Attributes

Compounding and Referencing

Units and Currencies




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